Why Gifting Matters

Enriching social fabric

Gifting is an essential part of our social fabric. And as an organization when you gift your staff, clients, or partners you enrich social capital. You build trust. You enhance relationships.

The quality of experience counts!

That’s why you want your corporate gifting to be timely, thoughtful, personalized, and have the elegance your brand represents.


It’s a family thing!

Gifting is not just for the individual. It’s a family thing! When your gift is unboxed, it touches the entire home. Every member of the family sees it, touches it, and experiences the warmth of your gesture! It’s no accident we specialize in Kitchenware and Household gifting. And we are committed to make your gifting initiatives a seamless, joyful experience for you and all your stakeholders!

Product Categories

Non-Stick Cookware

Stainless Steel Cookware

Rice & Pressure Cookers

Appliances & Grinders

Tiffins, Bottles and Jugs

Casseroles & Flasks