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Group Welkin creating niche in Corporate Gifting space with Premium Kitchenware Products

When people think about corporate gifting, the run-of-the-mill products come to mind. Laptop bags, T-shirts, Caps, Printed mugs, or Stationery sets. Some corporate gifting providers have chosen a less beaten track.

Based in Hyderabad, Group Welkin has been creating its own niche in this exciting space. The company has built itself the reputation for catering to discerning clients who choose to do something different for their business stakeholders, customers, or employees.

As Vijay Bhaskar, AVP Operations, puts it, “Kitchenware has a universal and timeless appeal. Every home needs reliable kitchenware, and there is something about this niche of products that touches the heart of each household. Typical corporate gift items have a limited shelf life in people’s minds. The usual list of items seem to have lost their charm. Kitchenware, as we have seen from our growing list of clients, resonates with not just the person being gifted but with the entire family where the gift makes its home. Our clients have successfully embedded their brands, created goodwill, and occupied mindshare in the thousands of homes they have touched with our boutique kitchenware collection.” read more...